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Terms and conditions

1.   The contract is between The Baby Suite Ltd and the Customer (you) and shall be governed by the following terms and conditions. Nothing in these conditions will        affect your statutory rights.  The Baby Suite Ltd aim to provide the highest level of service possible. We only employ healthcare professionals, radiographers and midwives that have undergone rigorous sonography training and hope the experience will be positive.



2.  Services provided

    The Baby Suite will provide a self-referral private ultrasound service for women in their pregnancy.  Scans at The Baby Suite should never take precedence over           your primary care provider, usually the NHS.  A number of packages are available to choose from with the understanding that we do not diagnose abnormalities. 


     The purpose of the Early Pregnancy & Viability Scan is to determine viability of an early pregnancy


     The purpose of the Reassurance Scan is to determine the wellbeing of the pregnancy.

     The purpose of the Gender Confirmation Scan is to provide a professional opinion of the gender (sex) of the baby.


     The purpose of the 4D Bonding Scan is to provide enhanced 3D/4D imagery for the purpose of parental bonding and to produce souvenir images.


     The purpose of the Presentation Scan is to determine foetal lie together with providing an estimate of size and weight.


      I understand that The Baby Suite offers me the ultrasound scan on the basis that I am receiving the appropriate ante-natal care and that under no                               circumstances should any scan provided by the company be a substitute for your hospital scans


3.   Age

     You must be over the age of 18 to use our services.  16 or 17 years old must be accompanied by a responsible adult. We cannot scan anyone under 16 years of              age.  If we suspect you are under 18 we may ask you to provide verification of your age.

4.  Reports and images

     A written or printed scan report will be provided confirming the well-being checks that have been completed, estimated fetal weight, gender confirmation and          placental location.  This report should be kept for your own records and shown to the GP/Midwife if necessary.

    Digital movies are dependent on the position and activity of the baby so recording times can vary. You have license to use the recorded imagery on the basis           that you will not use it for medical reference or for any other purpose other than home use

    Scans quality can vary greatly between pregnancies and are determined by a number of factors such as fetal position, amount of amniotic fluid, placental                 position, cord location and maternal body mass index.  We will try our hardest to acquire good quality images for you and suggestions will be made on how to            improve the quality but sometimes this is unachievable.  In these instances, you will be offered one free rescan on an alternative date.

5.  Gendering

     Ultrasound alone cannot give 100% confirmation of fetal gender but our highly qualified team and the latest ultrasound technology makes it possible for us to              determine the gender with 99% accuracy. Fetal position, amount of amniotic fluid, fetal movements,  cord  location and maternal body mass index. all play a                important role in being able to visualise the gender,  For occasion where a gender cannot be easily identified you will be offered one free re-scan.  The Baby Suite      Ltd will not be held liable for incorrect sexing.


5.  Bookings

     Bookings can be placed online or over the telephone and will be confirmed via email. It is the customers’ responsibility to check the date and time of their scan          and to notify a member of the The Baby Suite should these be incorrect.

6.   Cancelations 

     If you wish to cancel or re-schedule your appointment we need at least 48 hours notice. Outside of this period refunds will not be provided.. If your appointment is      booked within 48 hours (same-day or next day) then the payment  is non-refundable and thus any cancellations or appointment amendments will result in loss        of any monies paid.

7.   Rescan policy

     The rescan policy applies to Reassurance plus  ,4D & HD scans.  It does not apply to early reassurance scans. If we are unable to determine the gender of the              baby at  your Reassurance Plus scan you will be offered an appointment to return for a free re-scan on an alternative day.  We are only able to offer one free              rescan.  Re-scans do  not include a secondary well-being check if it has already been performed. In the event we are still unable to obtain imaging at a rescan          appointment, not withstanding circumstances beyond our control, no refund or further free re-scan will be made.

8.   Payment

     In order to secure your reservation full payment must be made online via our website or over the telephone .. 


9.    Late arrival at the clinic

     Please arrive on time.  You will be called prior to your appointment to complete your health questionnaire.  For customers arriving late we will try to complete the        appointment, however we may need to reduce your appointment length to accommodate other clients. We are unable to offer a  discount in price for                        appointments shortened due to the late arrival of a customer. Depending on availability customers can move their appointment time if arriving late, however we       are unable to refund your payment on these occasions. An additional £30 will be charged to make an additional appointment slot due to  late arrival.

10.   Complaints:

      It is very rare that a complaint is raised this must be made to us directly on 020 8617 8720,

      or email us at to  or in writing to The Baby Suite, 225 Lee High Road, London, SE13 5PQ A full investigation and review will then take place,

      and a written  response will then be sent to you upon completion.

      Our staff will not be subject to any intimidation nor will any physical or verbal abuse be tolerated. Any issues must be raised with the booking team directly                   on or on 020 8617 8720.  If the Sonographer feels in any way threatened or intimidated then an alarm will be raised and the police

      called immediately.

11.     Twin pregnancy

       If you are having Twins, a supplement charge of £30 will be required at the time of booking and you will be allocated a double appointment slot. 

12.     Photography/Video footage

        The use of mobile phones, filming and taking of pictures is strictly prohibited in the scan room. 

13.    Copyright:

       All images and videos produced by The Baby Suite, remain the property of The Baby Suite Ltd. Images provided on CD, DVD or other media to clients

       are licensed to them for home viewing only and are not to be used for commercial or public viewing in any way, unless explicitly authorised in

       writing by The Baby Suite.


14.     Data protection:

        The Baby Suite comply fully with the Data Protection Act to ensure all information remains strictly confidential.


15     Miscellaneous

        The Baby Suite reserves the right to modify the service without notice from time to time. If, by doing so, the service is materially different then you

        will have the right to cancellation.


       The Baby Suite will not be responsible or liable for any incidental or consequential loss or damage:


  •          Caused by any act or omission by The Baby Suite or its employees, servants or agents

  •          Suffered by any person acting or failing to act as a result of the contents of any scan or any information supplied in connection with the Scan.

  •          Nothing in this clause shall exclude or restrict any liability for death or personal injury arising from the negligence of The Baby Suite.


        The Baby Suite will not be responsible for the breach of this contract caused by circumstances beyond its reasonable control.


         The contract is governed by the laws of England and Wales and is the entire contract between you and The Baby Suite Ltd.

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