• From 16 weeks

  • Determine gender

  • ​Confirm viable pregnancy

  • Confirm gestational age

  • Maternal reassurance

  • Two 2D glossy prints 

  • Well-being report

  • 4D peek of baby

  • No GP referral needed

Each scan package with The Baby Suite includes a well being check of your baby as the first part of your scan. Please be advised we only scan you for long enough to achieve the purpose of your appointment. Our aim is to protect both baby and mother in accordance with guidelines issued from the NHS and Care Quality Commission. Please note there is a £30 supplement for twins.

Preparing for your scan

You should attend your appointment with a full bladder.  A full bladder enables us to have a clearer view of the womb. 

What happens during the scan?


You will be asked to lie on the examination couch with your abdomen exposed. ​​Ultrasound gel will be applied to your abdomen before the probe is applied

and the image can be seen on the large screens. ​​


What will I see on the gender scan?


This gender scan is a 2D scan that will show the baby moving in the womb.  A heartbeat should be seen and heard. Limbs, brain, spine, stomach and bladder can all be visualised at this stage.  We will then look underneath the baby to get a clear view of in between the legs.

Tips for best imaging at gender scan

Having a full bladder will help to push the tissue out of the way of the uterus and will create an acoustic window. Also the bladder fluid helps transmit the sound beam resulting in clearer less fuzzy images.

Barriers to obtaining good quality images include moms body composition, baby's position, placenta position, and an un-full bladder.  You may want to drink some cold fruit juice 10-15 minutes before your appointment to get the baby moving.  It is easier to see a moving baby rather than one that is asleep or in an unfavourable position.