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As your local private centre for ultrasound in pregnancy, we stand with the NHS in the fight against COVID-19 and will continue to serve the community offering our service to those that require reassurance during this time.  

The Corona virus outbreak is a serious concern for us, and the health and safety of our clients is a top priority. Whilst we all adjust to the impact of COVID-19 we would like to let you know that we are following the government guidelines and not allowing into work any team member who has a temperature and a new continuous cough. We have increased our cleaning regime and encourage visitors to use the alcohol gel available in reception on entering the premises.  All clients must wear a mask prior to entry.


We would also respectfully ask any clients showing symptoms not to visit the clinic and put at risk the health and safety of our team and other clients. We ask all visitors to follow advice and to be mindful and sensible regarding social interaction,  If you have experienced a cough, fever or breathlessness you must not visit the clinic, you must stay at home for the recommended period and self-isolate

Partners and siblings are allowed to attend scans.

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