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Childbirth does not need to be filled with fear and anxiety which is why we offer birth planning consultations in the comfort of your own home.   A birth plan is a very important step in achieving the birth you would like.   It is a point of reference for both you and the team caring for you as it gives you the opportunity to think about and list your preferences in advance of the big day.   Each online consultation lasts 60 minutes and helps you to formulate an extensive birth plan which directly addresses your individual needs. You will be connected with one of our senior midwives that has considerable experience of working in a number of busy London labour wards.  As midwives, our objective is to be an advocate for women before, during and after delivery. This consultation will arm you with knowledge, understanding and preparation for this life changing event and also give you a point of reference for how you would like to birth.

  • First baby

  • Increased anxiety

  • Previous traumatic delivery

  • Discuss your options

  • Birth preferences

  • Informed choices

  • Empowerment

  • Preparation

  • Decrease fear

  • Pain management

  • Home birth

  • Hospital birth


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